Unfortunately, I have failed to write a blog post on any day for the entirety of last week. This is a catch-up post to show off what I have not done. I spent the 4th and 5th out with friends. Before that, I:

  • did a number of uninteresting sysadmin-type tasks not worthy of detailed write-ups (e.g. deleting old files, updating software, etc.)
  • read the Rust book
  • distracted myself with ##openfpga
  • did a bunch of thinking about various projects in the pipeline (but didn't invest "actual effort" into any of them)

So far for today, I have:

  • finally replaced the filter on my camera lens that I broke weeks ago
  • performed miscellaneous errands
  • did an insufficient amount of cleaning of my room

Unfortunately, I have exactly fallen into the "waffle about on different projects without making substantial progress" trap that I am trying to avoid.